iPod File Transfer - Transfer files among ipod, iphone, Mac | Manage iPod content without iTunes

iPod Transfer for Mac

iPhone 4, iPod 4, iPad, latest nano and shuffle Supported!

No need iTunes any more! With Macsome iPod Transfer, you can easily copy files between iPod and Mac, manage playlist on iPod.

As a iPod file transfer tool, it can transfer iPod videos, copy music and more from Mac to iPod. Meanwhile, it can transfer iPod music, videos and photos from iPod to Mac, backup iPod to Mac fast and smoothly. Easily copy files from ipod to ipod.

Price: USD 29.95

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Do you want to backup contents of your iPod ?
How to copy one file into iPod while other contents keep untouched ?
Do you feel iTunes is really difficult to use ?

Macsome iPod Transfer will make things easy. With it, you can transfer Audio, Video, photo from iPod to Mac, copy files from Mac to iPod without iTunes, manage playlist on your iPod, & more. All what you need to do is just download it and take a try.

Backup iPod's content - iTunes can not, we can

when you reinstall your mac or iTunes library
when iTunes' library destroyed after a system crash
when you want to make a backup of an entire iPod collection
when you have a new Mac
when you want to share iPod's content with your friend's iPod...

In a word, you may need to backup the whole or part of the content on your iPod for some reasons. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn't provide this feature at all. And using iTunes is really a painful job for many iPod's users. iPodTransfer can help you do the job easily.

Transfer file into iPod without iTunes

With iPodTransfer, you can tranfer files between iPod and Mac freely. No need iTunes any more.

When you visit a friend, they may give you some lovely songs or video file. Your Mac & iTunes are not along with you, but you want to tranfer those songs or video files, and enjoy them right away. iPodTransfer will do the job for you. No need iTunes, and just copy the new files into your ipod, keep other content on your iPod untouched. Forget iTunes' Sync...

Copy iPod files into iTunes directly

With iPodTransfer, you may copy iPod's files into iTunes directly.

If you like a music or video on your friend's iPod, you can just plug the iPod on your Mac, then copy any files on the iPod into your iTunes.

Copy a file from iTunes to your iPod directly

With iPodTransfer, you may copy music, video files from iTunes library to iPod directly.

If you like a song or video on your friend's iTunes, you can use iPodTransfer to copy it to your iPod. Then when you go back home, you can even add the file from your iPod to your iTunes.

Manage iPod's content easily

With iPodTransfer, you may easily create, edit and delete playlists. Drag music or video into playlist.

You may use quick search function to search your iPod files as quickly and easily as iTunes by entering keywords.

Powerful Features

Manage your iPod on any Mac

With Macsome iPod Transfer installed on any Mac, you can manage your iPod with the software on it.

Protect your iPod against unwanted iTunes synchronizations.

Direct copy file from / to iPod, forget sync.

Show device information

All informations about your iPod/iPhone, such as type, capacity, version number, serial number, and format, can be shown on the main interface.

iPod to Mac, iPhone to Mac

Easily backup contents on iPod and iPhone to Mac with Macsome iPod Transfer.

Mac to iPod, Mac to iPhone

Quickly copy files from Mac to iPod and iPhone without iTunes.

iPod to iPod, iPod to iPhone, iPhone to iPod

Directly copy files btween iPod, iPhone without iTunes.

Copy files from iPod to iTunes, iPhone to iTunes

Select files from iPod / iPhone, copy to iTunes Library directly.

Copy files from iTunes to iPod, iTunes to iPhone

Select files from iTunes, then copy them directly to your iPod or iPhone. It's totally different from iTunes SYNC.

Support all iPod devices

Support iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone, and more. Support 3.x firmware.

Extremely easy to use

iPodTransfer is extremely easy to use even if you are the first time to use it.

Manage playlists on iPod

You may create, delete, rename or update a playlist on your iPod with iPodTransfer easily.

Support multiple iPods

You can simultaneously manage multiple iPods on iPodTransfer. You may even transfer files among these iPods by drag-and-drop.

Lifetime upgrade for free

Once you've bought a license of iPodTransfer, you are free to upgrade it.

System Requirements

Intel-based Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.7

At least 512M physical RAM

iPod, video iPod, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPhone

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