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Now, reading is more than just sitting down and holding a physical book in front of you. Actually, we can access more books by listening to audiobooks, from which more people find great pleasure and interests. Audible books and iTunes audiobooks are the apple of our eye, in spite of some inconvenience caused by DRM.

Macsome Audio Book Converter comes to help us free from these inconvenience by converting iTunes audio books to MP3 format like converting .AA to MP3, M4B to MP3, M4A to MP3, etc. Then, with the more compatible MP3 audiobooks, we are able to enjoy them on more portable audio players, such as BlackBerry, Sony Walkman, Zune, Mobile Phones, and the like without any restrictions. Furthermore, we can share our favourite iTunes audiobooks with anyone at will.

So, audiobooks form or iTunes Store cannot bother us any more with this excellent audiobook MP3 converter.

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Bypass DRM from .AA, M4B, M4A audiobooks

The software bypasses DRM by recording the audiobook in the background silently while at the same time saving the recorded audiobook in MP3 format. So the whole process is completely legal and somewhat tactful. Just rest assured to apply this audiobook MP3 converter, and all the DRM troubles will be gone forever.

AA audiobooks form to MP3

Audiobooks from are DRM-protected .AA format, which restricts us to playing .AA audiobooks only on Apple iPod, Creative Zen, SanDisk Sansa, various GPS devices, and the Amazon Kindle. Besides, we cannot share .AA audiobooks at will due to DRM limitation.

Want to play .AA audiobooks on Zune, BlackBerry, Sony Walkman, Mobile Phone or the like or share our purchased .AA audiobooks at will with friends? Just apply this audiobook MP3 converter to covert .AA to MP3. With a few mouse clicks, we can quickly and easily get MP3 audiobooks.

One thing to keep in mind is that we should import .AA audiobooks to iTunes before the converting, because the software add audiobooks from iTunes Audiobook library.

M4B audiobooks from iTunes Store to MP3

Audiobooks from iTunes Store are DRM M4B format. Similar to .AA audiobooks, M4B audiobooks can be only played on some designate audio players like Apple iPod, iPhone, and we could authorize no more than five devices to play our purchased iTunes DRM M4B audiobooks.

To convert iTunes M4B to MP3 can free us from all these DRM restrictions. The software is a professional Audiobook MP3 Converter, with which converting M4B to MP3 is just a few mouse clicks away.

M4A audiobooks to MP3

M4A is an audiobook format we are never strange. To convert M4A to MP3 is simple and easy with the software. However, as the software only supports importing audiobooks form iTunes Audiobook library, we should add M4A audiobooks to iTunes Audiobook first.

Macsome Audio Book Converter is designed exclusively for us to deal with audiobooks from and iTunes Store, no matter they are DRM protected or DRM free. And this software enables us to split large-sized audiobooks and make chapters by ourselves. Besides, apart from converting to MP3, we can also convert audiobooks to AAC or WAV format.

You see, this audiobook MP3 converter will make great helper for us. Just have a try, and it will not let you down.

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