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Most of the time, our purchased audiobooks, no matter Audible .AA or iTunes M4B and M4A, are full of large-sized chapters, which makes it hard for us to find a certain part where we wish to enjoy again. Furthermore, if unfortunately, what we get is a single audiobook without chapters at all. Under such circumstances, to cut the audiobook into new chapters by ourselves is undoubtedly a good idea

Macsome Audio Book Converter is an excellent Audiobook Cutter, coming to help us re-chapter audiobooks of every kind to our personal preference. We can cut Audible .AA, iTunes M4B or M4A into small parts, and the time interval of each part is completely determined by ourselves.

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The whole process of cutting audiobooks can be divided into two main part:

Part one. Bypass DRM by conversion

The conversion part is indispensable, as in this part, we can record, iTunes M4B and M4A audiobooks with fast speed. No matter you want to convert these audiobooks to a more popular audiobook format or not, the operation of DRM removing is inevitable. Once, we get rid of the restrictions caused by DRM, we have the right and power to cut the audiobooks as our wish.

Macsome Audio Book Converter helps us bypass DRM by recording the audiobooks in the background silently, while at the same time saving the recorded audiobooks in the format we like. In this way, what we get are DRM-free audiobooks which are completely under our control. No need to worry the output quality will be inferior to that of the original audiobook, for the practices of users of this software has proved that the output quality comes close to that of the original one.

The diagrammatic drawing below shows the simple steps to bypass DRM by conversion.

how to add M4A audiobooks

a down arrow

how to convert M4A audiobooks

Now DRM is not a problem any more, it is time for us to cut audiobooks at will.

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Part two. Cut audiobook of Audible .AA, iTunes M4B, M4A, or MP3 audiobooks

During the conversion, what we get are DRM-free audiobooks. If you don't want to change the original audiobook format, choose Same as source as the output format when operate in part one, in which way what we get are DRM free audiobooks without any chapters. And if you do want to change the Audible .AA, iTunes M4B, M4A audiobooks to a more popular format like MP3, just set the format you like as the output format when in the first part of conversion, in which way what we get are DRM free MP3 or other format audiobooks waiting for re-chaptering.

The steps are simple, and any one can make it. After the conversion, select the audiobook in the file list of the software, click the button Split on the bottom, and the Split setting window pops up. Here we should determine how long each chapter is, and input the time interval of each chapter we like in the text box.

Conveniently, once we input the time interval, the software would calculate the number of the chapters the audiobook would be divided into automatically, and show the number on the window.

The picture below shows simple steps to cut an audiobook.

how to split an audiobook

The software supports us bypassing DRM of Audible AA, iTunes M4B, M4A and converting them to a more popular audiobook format like MP3, WAV or AAC. So, if we want to get MP3 audiobooks without DRM from Audible .AA, iTunes M4B, M4A audiobooks, just apply this software, and after the conversion, we can cut the converted MP3 audiobooks to make new chapters at will.

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