How to Split MP3 audiobooks easily

A large-sized audiobook can make great annoyance to us. Most of times, we wish to get back to re-enjoy our favorite parts of an audiobook, but only to find that it is really hard to find those parts. The harder you try, if unluckily you cannot retrieve the part, the more annoyed you get. The best solution is to chapter the audiobooks to our personal preference, which also means we determine the time interval of a chapter for the audiobooks. Sounds cool, isn't it?

Macsome Audio Book Converter boasts its function of splitting audiobooks. AA or AAX audiobooks form can be converted and splitted by this excellent audio book converter.

Actually, prior to splitting audiobooks, the software converts .AA, .AAX audiobooks to MP3, M4A or M4B format first. After the conversion can we start to split the audiobooks. The whole process will not take much time, and just wait a minute, we can get audiobooks with new chapters by ourselves. Thus, we make it possible to split .AA audiobooks, M4B audiobooks and M4A audiobooks.

Detailed Tutorial on How to split audiobooks

The following will take splitting MP3 audiobooks as an example to show the steps to split large-sized audiobooks, which also means that we convert AA, M4B, and M4A audiobooks to MP3 format, and split MP3 audiobooks to re-chapter the audiobooks as our wish.

With Macsome Audiobook Converter, you can split the audiobook file to several small pieces during converting, and the below methods will show you how to set before converting:

Step 1: Set split settings

Firstly, launch Macsome Audiobook Converter on the computer, and import the Audible audiobook files. And then click Split big audiobooks button and check the Split checkbox.

Split big audiobooks

  • Method 1: Split according to the duration with different units, such as Minute(s) or Hour(s), the default value is 30 mins.
  • Method 2: Split according to the numbers of segments, the default value is 2 segments.
  • Method 3: Split according to the chapters.

The Split by chapters option only works on the original file with the chapters.

Step 2: Convert split files

Check the split files and Click Convert button. After the conversion finished, the number of split files displays on the list and the segments can be played in sequence.

The software is designed quite user-friendly, and everyone can handle it.


Macsome Audiobook Converter can convert Audible aa or aax audiobooks to MP3, M4B or M4A with 60X faster speed. What's more, it supports organizing output files by chapters or time set.