How to Convert Audible AA to MP3


As a fun of audiobooks, is too familiar to us. We always browse in its websites to seek our favorite audiobooks. What are the best sellers, Bossypants, Twilight, Water for Elephants, Harry Potter or Princess Diaries? While having no time to read physical books, we are able to listen to audiobooks and at the same time, keep our hands working. To listen to audiobooks is definitely a good choice for us.

Audible .AA is an audiobook format we purchased from It features high sound quality, which brings us great aural entertainment and a convenient way to appreciate literary content we prefer. However, a coin has two sides, so does the audible .AA. This kind of audiobooks is protected by DRM, which restricts us to only playing them on some designate portable audio players, like Apple iPod, Creative Zen, SanDisk Sansa, and Amazon Kindle. Besides, we cannot share audible .AA freely with our friends.

To deal with the inconvenience caused by DRM, converting audible .AA to MP3 is a good way. Macsome Audio Book Converter is an excellent Audible .AA to MP3 Converter, with which to convert audible .AA to MP3 is just a few mouse clicks away.

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Split audiobooks to make chapters by ourselves

We are empowered to make chapters by ourselves for the new MP3 audiobooks. Actually, the converted MP3 audiobooks do not keep the original chapters, so we should make new chapters by ourselves to our personal preference. Before the conversion, press Split button, and just follow some simple instructions, we can get MP3 audiobooks with new chapters.

Customize output MP3 audiobooks flexibly

As an all-in-one audio book converter, Macsome Audio Book Converter enables us to customize the output MP3 format in the areas of Bitrate, Bitrate Type, Sample Rate, Channels. Just adjust the parameters according to your needs.

When apply this software, one thing to keep in mind is that the software only supports importing audiobooks form iTunes Audobooks library. So before the conversion, we should add the Audible .AA to iTunes Audiobooks. Also, the software can convert more than one Audible .AA at a time, which saves us more time.

Once you touch Macsome Audio Book Converter, you will never put it down. Why not have a try?

Download AudioBook Converter for free:

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