How to Register Audiobook Converter


Macsome AudioBook Converter is sold as keycode. So you may have to download the latest trial version from our website, install it. Before you have bought and entered the registration information, you could only converter 3 minutes of each audio books you selected to be converted.

After you have received the registration information from us, please do as the following steps to register your AudioBookConverter.

Step1:Run Macsome Audiobook Converter for Mac. Then you should click menu "Macsome AudioBook Converter" -> Registration...", just as below:

Register AudioBook Converter

Step 2: After you click menu "Registration...", the register window will popup as below. You should input User ID and Register key in it. You may use command+c to copy from our registration email, and command+v to paste into the register window.

Register AudioBook Converter


1. Make sure that both User ID and Registrater key are provided by us after you pay the registration fee. If you have not paid, please click "Buy now" to purchase.

2. User ID and Registrater key you enter is both kept completely and correctly. Then click "Register". If your have input wrong ID/Key, an error message will pop up as below:

Error Register AudioBook Converter

Step 3: Registration finished, then your Macsome Audiobook Converter for mac is full version without any limitation.

Register AudioBook Converter

Download AudioBook Converter for free:

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