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As an audiobook lover, to M4B audiobooks, we are never strange. We make a purchase of audiobooks form iTunes Store, and the audiobooks we get are DRM protected M4B audiobooks. DRM is a measure of protecting the audiobook's intellectual property right, which restricts us to playng iTunes M4B audiobooks only on some designate portable audio players like Apple iPod, iPhone, and makes it hard for us to share our favorite M4B audiobooks with friends.

To convert iTunes M4B to MP3 is a good solution to free us form all the DRM limitations.

Macsome Audio Book Converter is a multi-functional audiobook converter, which does an excellent job on converting iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3 format. When the DRM is no longer a problem, we can fully enjoy our purchased M4B audiobooks without any limitation. How cool, isn't it?

How to bypass M4A DRM legally

The existence of DRM itself is somewhat unreasonable for us - the owners of the purchased M4B audiobooks. However, to bypass DRM from M4B has become quite easy due to the rapid development of technology.

Macsome Audio Book Converter bypasses DRM by recording the DRM M4B audiobooks in the background silently, while at same time saving the recorded audiobooks in a more popular format like MP3, WAV. And the output quality is nearly the same as that of the original audiobook, which has been proved by the practices of its users.

You see, it is absolutely safe and legal to apply this software to free all the troubles caused by DRM.

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Play iTunes M4B audiobooks on Zune, BlackBerry, and more

We all know that M4B audiobooks with DRM protection cannot be played anywhere we wish to. Instead, we can only authorize no more than five digital audio players to play them, and can only play them on Apple devices and iTunes.

DRM makes it impossible for us to play DRM M4B audiobooks on Zune, BlackBerry, Sony Walkman, Mobile Phone, and the like portable audio players. Since Macsome Audio Book Converter can legally and tactfully bypass iTunes DRM and convert M4B to MP3 format, so with the software, DRM troubles have become bygones.

In a word, to play iTunes M4B audiobooks on Zune, BlackBerry, Sony Walkman, Mobile Phone and more popular portable audio players is possible and also an easy task to do when apply the software.

The pictures below show us how simple to handle this software to convert iTunes M4B to MP3 format:

how to add M4A audiobooks

a down arrow

how to convert M4A audiobooks

Macsome Audio Book Converter can do more than what mentioned above for us. For example, when the conversion is finished, we can split the converted audiobooks to make new chapters as our wish.

Want to convert iTunes M4B to MP3 format? Yes, then try Macsome Audio Book Converter. When you touch it, you will never put it down. Why not have a try?

Download AudioBook Converter for free:

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