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AA audiobooks from Audible. com are DRM-protected, which restricts us to play these audiobooks only on Apple iPod, Creative Zen, SanDisk Sansa, various GPS devices, and the Amazon Kindle. However, what if we want to enjoy them on our Zune, Sony Walkman, Blackberry, mobile phone and the like? Here, an excellent audiobook converter is required, which can help us bypass DRM and convert audiobooks .AA to a more popular audio format, like MP3, AAC or WAV.

Macsome Audio Book Converter can do us a favor. The software bypasses DRM of .AA audiobooks by recording them in the background silently, so the way of removing DRM is completely legal and undoubtedly tactful. At the same time, the recording audiobooks files are saved into MP3, AAC or WAV audio format. So to free from the restrictions of DRM-protected AA audiobooks is a piece of cake for the software.

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How to remove DRM from .AA audiobooks

The following is a schematic drawing that illustrates the steps to remove DRM form .AA audiobooks.

how to add itunes audiobooks

a down arrow

how to convert audiobooks

After all the above procedures, the .AA audiobooks will be converted to a more popular format like MP3, AAC or WAV which compatible with lots of audio players, and above all, the DRM has been successfully bypassed. So up till now, you can play the audiobooks anywhere you like without any restriction.

Download AudioBook Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download Mac Version Download


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