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While you use some recording tools to record audio files, there may be some voice that you don't need at all. How to remove the unwanted voice?

When you creat a personalized video, you may want to add the beginning and end music to make the video more attractive. How to get the fade away music?

When you listen to music songs, you find that some a part of the music is very excellent, so that you want to make the part as your ringtone. What is bad, you can find the fit one via the website.

Why don't you creat one by yourself?

All the above problems look so hard, take it easy, as Macsome Audio Editor came out, these problems can be dealt with easily.

Macsome Audio Editor is your right choice to edit your audio files.

As a powerful free audio editor, Macsome Audio Editor can help you edit MP3 or AAC audio files on Mac OS X easily and quickly. Moreover, you can quickly cut and trim audio, as well as split files.

This multi-functional editing tool can also support compressed MP3 and AAC formats editing without the quality loss caused by other editors. So you can get perfect quality audio when editing natively in the MP3, AAC formats.

You can also use it to make Ringtones for iPhone, or any other phones which support MP3 or AAC file, remove any unwanted part or ads from audio files, and add ID Tags for the audio file you saved to disk, including Song Name, Artist, Album Name, etc.

The most of all , it is a freeware, free to use software, free to upgrade.

Download Free Audio Editor:

Mac Version Download

How to edit audio with Macsome AudioEditor

To edit audio file, you may need to select them into AudioEditor, then try to edit them.

Select audio

To begin, run Macsome Audio Editor, and click Open to add an audio, and then click Play button, and now you can press Start button to start selecting automatically.

If you want to end selecting, press the button End. This selected audio can then be cropped around, delete, or faded ect.

Crop & delete audio

After selecting part of audio which is your desired. And then click Crop button, you may see the leaving only the selected audio. And now, in the new audio, select the audio you want to remove, click Del button.

Fade selected audio

Open an audio, and select the beginning of audio. Click Fadein button, you may listen the volume to the end of the selection ramping up.

And then, plesase select the end of audio. Click Fadeout button, the volume to the end of the selection ramping down.

Adjust selected audio Volume

Open an audio, and select audio. When you click Increa button, you may listen the volume over the entire selection increase.

When you click Decrea button, the volume over the entire selection decrease.

Edit ID3 TAGs

1. In main window, click Info button, popup a new window.

2. In the Info window, select Tags tab, you can edit ID3 tags associated with the selected audio. These tags allow you to add metadata to the file, such as artist and track information, and will then be read by audio players like iTunes and iPods.

Save audio

When you finish audio editing, click Save button, and in the popup window, you can set the output file's name and path.

After finish audio settings, click Save button directly.

Download Free Audio Editor:

Mac Version Download


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