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Are you looking for a free audio recording software?

Do you want to find a helper to record any sound from your computer?

Will you want to record your voice chat with your friends?

Would you like to record the music online?

Try Macsome Audio Recorder, which can help you record well.

Macsome Audio Recorder is a free, practical and useful audio recording software. With it you can easily record any sounds from the devices or applications like iTunes, skype, iChat, DVD Player, Safari, Realplayer and so on. This audio recording software supports customized recoding settings so as to improve audio quality from any application.

On the basis of your need, you can also set the time or size recording by adjusting the Minutes, Hours, MB, GB field in the Start a new file every and Stop recording after settings.

And then the recorded audio files can be saved directly into MP3, AAC files, in the meanwhile there are many options for the output files, including file format, file size, file name, audio quality, etc. If you want to manage or search them easily, try to add ID tags for the recorded files.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download

Why choose Macsome Audio recorder as the audio recording software?

1. It's also a PC Recorder & Application recorder
that is to say, it can record any sound from your computer, for example input/source from a microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, external input devices (CDs, LP, music cassettes, phone line) as well as other applications like iTunes, DVD Player.

2. Multiple recording process synchronous.
When you record multiple applications synchronously, the built-in silence monitor will help detect the muted sections and control recording the sections or not. Users can save the recording into a new file automatically by splitting, and much more. This silence monitor option is especially useful when recording streaming audio and net congestion temporarily stops the stream. Analog settings should be used for line input recording, and Digital settings should be used for software recordings.

3. Customized recording settings
The settings include General, Recording, Tags options, you can customize these options as you need after you click Inspector button. You can reset them or use the defaulted as you like.

4.Split audios
The whole audio file is too big, you can't manage and play it coveniently, just split it to small pieces by setting or by split button!

5. Record to AAC and MP3
The recorded audio files can be saved to AAC, MP3 files.

6. Built-in CD burning
Would you like to save recorded audio forever, don't worry, the audio recording software offers the burning function, so that you can easily burn to MP3 CDs and audio CDs. If you want to burn a selfmade CD, you'll need pre-configuration as follow: Edit audio tracs' tags, a blank CD-RW disc, a CD-RW OR DVD-RW device. And then select your desired audio tracks in Record Bin tab, then click Burn button. In the pop-up window, click Burn button, few minutes later you can get a selfmade CD.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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