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Most Mac users may come with recording sound from Mac, it's very simple with Macsome Audio Recorder, which can help you record any sound from from applications like Skype, iTunes, or DVD Player, or from microphones and other hardware.

In a word, if you can hear it from your Mac, you can record it with this Mac sound recorder.

Macsome Audio recorder is a very practical and simple sound recorder for your Macintosh, just with several clicks, you can record any audio file, the only condition is that the source is connected to your Mac through a microphone or a direct cable connection.

The following we will talk about kinds sound recording source Macsome Audio Recorder supports:

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

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All-in-one Audio Recorder for Mac

DVD sound recorder

Most know that, DVD is a disc memory, often used to play high-quality music and HD movies. But if you want to make them to be the single audio file, you can listen to them on the way freely.

P>Maybe you can use a DVD converter to convert DVD to MP3, AAC and other audio file format, it's feasible. Perhaps you can record them to MP3 file. Anyway the results are the same, you get the audio files, but how to choose?

In terms of Conversion rate and Recording rate, absolutely DVD converter will be faster than Audio recorder.

In terms of Cost, Audio recorder is far less than DVD Converter.

Finally, if you conver DVD to audio files, you need to do this separately, but the audio recorder no. When you watch DVD on your Mac, just open the Sound Recorder software, it will work automatically. So try to use sound recorder to get audio file from DVD.

Voice Chat sound recorder

When you chat happy hours of the past with your long-lost friend using iChat AV, maybe you want to keep it for memory;

When you talk some important thing with your friend using Skype, you may be afraid about forgetting what you were talking;

When you use chatting application software in a meeting, you may can not write down all the contents of the meeting timely;

Don't worry, in all these cases, Macsome Audio Recorder can help you, it not only can record what you and your friend say, but also can reveal the time you record.

iTunes Radio Program sound recorder

Now iTunes Radio is a very popular program, which has hundreds of multi-bit-rate streaming media.

When it broadcasts an impressive chicken soup, do you want to save it and listen it one day later? When it plays a wonderful music, do you want to save it and follow the melody?

When you have no time to listen the iTunes radio but you don't want to miss it, any solutions?

In the above cases, please try Macsome Audio Recorder, all the questions can be solved at once. It can record any iTunes Radio Program for you and reveal the time you record.

Audio Flow From Safari Recorder

When you browse the safari, you heard a beautiful song but you can not download it, what are you going to do?

When you heard a famous person's speech and want once again later, what are you going to do? When you heard a funny story and want to share with your friends, what are you going to do? Using Macsome Audio Recorder to record them is a good choice.

Audio Flow From Line In Recorder

Line-In is a straight recording line, mainly used to record or transcript through a dedicated line, and line in is usually found in mp3.

Using Macsome Audio Recorder and a mp3 player with line in, you can record any sound from your mp3 player into computer directly, and it can avoid the interference of the external environment, so its recording effect is very good.

There are also more interesting and useful functions, you can download it and take a try.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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