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Macsome Audio Recorder is an audio recorder tool. It can help you to record any audio you can hear on Mac OS X, and encode the recorded files to MP3 or AAC.

It records from applications like Skype, iTunes, or DVD Player, and also records from microphones and other hardware. It supports customize Recording settings. It improves audio quality from any application, set time recording, save the recording directly into MP3, AAC files, burn recorded files to MP3 CDs, and audio CDs.

You can record audio flow from line in, record iTunes radio program, voice chat, audio from DVD, audio flow from Safari and so on.

This software is simple and easy operation. It also supports record Multiple application synchronously and the built-in silence monitor will help detect the muted sections and control record the sections or not. Users can save the recording into a new file automatically by splitting, and more.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download

Options for recording --- your recording, your choice!

Sometimes, you may need to record audios which you like. Audio Recorder can help you.

There are many options for output files, including file format, file size, file name, audio quality, etc. With this Audio Recorder, you may save audio files format to MP3 or AAC.

Manage recorded audio files

When the recorder process completed, you may search or manage files in RecordBin easily.

The Audio Recorder can cut a big recorded audio file into several small ones. Also, burn audio files from RecordBin directly to CD disc. After recording, you may edit ID tags for recorded audio files freely.

Recording any audio on Mac

Two different types of sources can be recorded by Macsome Audio Recorder, PC devices and applications.

Macsome Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use audio recording program for your Mac OS X. Just a click, you can easily record from any audio source that you connect to your Mac, through the audio recorder program.

Macsome Audio Recorder makes it easy to record music, as well as make spoken recordings. And it can automatically transfer recordings to MP3 or AAC files, you can add them to playlist. Enjoy them everywhere.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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