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Most know that sounds from computer are from computer sound card. If you open several devices on computer, you hear sound mixing from computer sound card.

While recording audio from computer sound card, it similarly record mixed sound.

But if you find a tool to record sounds from the devices or applications, you can get the single and clear recorded audio files.

Here we talk about recording sound from the devices or applications. First of all, we need a tool to finish the work.

Sound recorder from computer - Macsome Audio Recorder

Macsome Audio Recorder is a multi-functional recording and splitting software, which can record the voices from kinds of devices or applications on Mac, such as Skype, iTunes, DVD Player, and from microphones or other hardwares.

The audio recorded will be encoded to MP3 or AAC format, so that you can store it in your computer or many audio devices.

In addition, with the help of Macsome Audio Recorder, you can split the whole big audio file into several pieces, or burn the recorded audio files from Record Bin directly to CD disc, and update ID Tags for recorded audio files.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download

How to use Macsome Audio Recorder to record sound you hear from computer

Sure, Macsome Audio Recorder is a powerful and easy-operated software. With a few mouse clicks, you will complete the recording work successfully. Here take DVD for example, we show how to record voices from DVD on computer.

First of all you need download, install and run this audio recording software and plug in DVD disc.

Step1: Click the button Add Application to add DVD player application in the main window.

Step2: Select the icon, you can click the button Inspector , it will pop up the settings box, you can set General, Recording and Tags as you like.

Step3: Click the Launch button, DVD player will be open.

Step4: Click the Record button, you will see the status is Record On.

Step5: In DVD player, please play specified DVD, the recording will be started when the DVD plays.

Tips: 1.When recording, you can click Spit, it will start a new recording.
2.When you want to record in quite environment, you can click mute.

Step6: When the recording is finished or you want to stop , you can click the Stop recording button, then you will see the status is record off.

Step7: Click Record Bin to see the recording information.

Tips: In Record Bin, you can click Reveal to see the output path of the recording, click Preview to listen the recording, click iTunes to open the recording in iTunes, click Burn to get a self-made CD.

Download Audio Recorder for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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