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Want to split MP3, cut MP3 or trim MP3 into small audio segments?

An MP3 splitting freeware - Macsome Audio Splitter can do all the things for you. No matter audio books, music or songs, any MP3 audio files can be splited into smaller MP3 audio files with high output sound quality by Macsome Audio Splitter. And the MP3 splitting will just takes up you a few seconds.

You are free to download and apply this powerful MP3 splitting freeware.

Main functions to help you split MP3 files

Download Audio Splitter for Mac:

Mac Version Download

Key Features of Free Audio Splitter

MP3 splitting freeware

Macsome Audio Splitter is a totally free audio splitter, helping people split MP3 files into smaller MP3 segments. Anyone can apply this MP3 Splitter without any limitation.

MP3 ID tags preserved

When the MP3 splitting is finished, you will find the splited MP3 segments keep its original ID tags. However, you can freely edit the ID tags as you wish.

Split MP3 audio by time and by parts

Macsome Audio Splitter allows you to split MP3 files by seconds as well as by parts. You can set the time interval for the MP3 segments, or determine how many parts the MP3 files are splited.

Batch importing MP3

Macsome Audio Splitter supports you importing MP3 files in batches. And then your can split the imported MP3 files one by one according to different requirements in terms of each MP3 file.

High output sound quality

Practice has proved that Free Macsome Audio Splitter can assure you high output MP3 sound quality.

Fast MP3 splitting speed

Do not worry that the MP3 splitting will take you lots of time. Actually, just wait a few seconds, you can get your high-quality MP3 segments.

With Macsome Audio Splitter, it is easy to extract your favorite audio part from an MP3 audio book, music or song, and this MP3 splitter will cost you no money.

Why not have a try?

Download Audio Splitter for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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