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Macsome Audio Splitter is a powerful free audio splitter for Mac users, so you can also call it as free MP3 Splitter or free AAC splitter or something like that. This free audio splitter is designed exclusively for us to split audio files, including splitting MP3 and splitting AAC files, into small audio pieces.

Macsome Audio Splitter assures you high output sound quality of the splited audio segments. And the speed of audio splitting is quite fast. Just in a split second, you can get the MP3 file well-splited.

with Free Audio Splitter, you can

Download Audio Splitter for Mac:

Mac Version Download

Main Features of Macsome Audio Splitter

Free Audio Splitter

Macsome Audio Splitter is a totally free audio splitter. However, don't belittle this free audio splitter, with which you can well cut MP3 and AAC into small-sized audio segments.

Split unprotected MP3 and AAC audio formats

Macsome Audio Splitter supports cutting MP3 and AAC in unprotected form. And here the AAC includes unprotected M4A, M4B and AAC formats.

1. Cut MP3

It is quite easy to cut MP3 files into smaller MP3 segments with Macsome Audio Splitter. So it is easy to extract your favorite MP3 segment from a large MP3 audio book, music or song. And the MP3 segment can be used as ringtone for your cell-phone or flash music for flash works and the like.

2. Cut AAC

Splitting unprotected AAC is a piece of cake when apply Macsome Audio Splitter. With this free audio splitter, you can split unprotected M4A, M4B and AAC audio formats at will.

Preserve audio ID tags

When finish cutting audio files with Macsome Audio Splitter, you can find that the splited audio segments keep their original ID tags with sequence NO. added. Of course, you can customize their ID tags as you wish.

Batch adding audio files for splitting

Macsome Audio Splitter enables us to import audio files in batches. When batch import audio files, you need the help of the hot key: Ctrl or Shift. Or you can simply select and drag audio files into the file list directly.

Split audio by time or split audio by parts

With Macsome Audio Splitter, you can split audio by seconds and also by parts, which means you can set the time interval of the splitted audio segment by yourself, or self determine how many parts your audio is splited.

High output sound quality

Practice has proved that Macsome Audio Splitter will split audio with its original sound quality untouched. So just rest assured to apply this free audio splitter.

Fast speed of audio splitting

The speed of audio splitting is quite fast, and just in a second, you can get your large audio file splited into small files.

Download Audio Splitter for Mac:

Mac Version Download


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