How to Convert iTunes AudioBook to MP3


Macsome iTunes Converter is excellent at converting iTunes audiobooks to MP3, such as converting iTunes M4B to MP3, AA to MP3 and other iTunes-supporting audiobook formats to MP3, no matter these iTunes audio files are DRM-protected or DRM-free.

Actually, Macsome iTunes Converter is an all-in-one powerful iTunes Audiobook MP3 Converter, supporting converting all iTunes audiobooks and other iTunes audio files to MP3, AAC and WAV formats.

However, only converting iTunes audio books to AAC format can keep the original chapters of the original audio books.

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Key Features of Audiobook to MP3 Converter

Legally Remove DRM from iTunes Audiobooks

Macsome iTunes Converter removes DRM of iTunes audiobooks tactfully by recoding the converting audiobooks silently in the background during the conversion, so the whole process of removing DRM is completely safe and legal. Apart from removing DRM from iTunes audiobooks, this Audiobook MP3 Converter can also remove DRM from all iTunes audio files.

Convert iTunes Audio books to MP3

It will be your great helper to convert iTunes audio books to MP3. No matter DRM-protected or DRM-free M4B, Audio AA and other iTunes-supporting audio books, they all can be well-converted to MP3, AAC and WAV audio formats. So you can also call the program a M4B to MP3 Converter, Audio AA to MP3 Converter and the like.

Versatile iTunes Audiobook to MP3 Converter

It can do more than convert iTunes audio books to MP3. Actually, it is a multi-functional iTunes Audio File Converter. No matter what kind of iTunes audio files, audiobooks, music or others, DRM-protected or DRM-free, all can be well converted to MP3, AAC and WAV formats, and Macsome iTunes Converter supports you customizing the output audio format.

Easy-to-use Audio book to MP3 Converter

Practice has proved that Macsome iTunes Converter is really a user-friendly Audiobook to MP3 Converter. And it is suitable for all people who want to convert audio books to MP3, AAC or WAV format.

Fast Speed and High Audio Fidelity

Audiobook converting with Macsome iTunes Converter will only take you a little time, and the output audiobooks will be with high audio fidelity.

Macsome iTunes Converter will be your best choice to convert Audiobook to MP3 , and this audiobook converter won't let you down. Why not have a try?

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