How to fix Apple Music Error 42587


Someone asked that "when he went to play one of his playlists and it would constantly change songs over and over again until he got a message with that error code. and then he can't listen to music and it's a total bummer he has been loving this app as well. Anybody know what's up? How to fix the Error?"

Apple Music Error 42587

If you get an Apple Music 42587 error message, you can fix it by following these steps:

Fix Apple Music Error 42587


Alternatively, you can try to reset your device. But make sure that you've make backup of your device data before resetting.

If the problem remains, please contact Apple to get help.

How to Fix "iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled" Error?

If you get the error message informing that "iCloud Music Library can't be enabled" when you are trying to select "Merge" or "Replace", it means that the music that you save on your device from Apple Music won’t be available on your other iOS devices. So here is how to fix the "iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled" error:

iCloud Music Library

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