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How to move Apple Music playlist from Mac to Windows XP or Vista


Imagine that you have an iMac with Apple Music account, sometimes you need to turn to your Windows computer, but your Windows system is the Windows XP or Vista. As you know that since May 25, 2018, Apple prevent Windows XP or Vista PCs from using the iTunes Store, in other words, if you are Windows XP or Vista users, you can’t stream Apple Music service and other iTunes Store service any more.

Is there any way that we can copy our Apple Music playlist from iMac with USB to Windows XP or Vista, so we can play the music files on Windows XP or Vista.

Can't directly copy Apple Music files, why?

Apple Music is Apple's music streaming service that allows you to listen to any of the ten millions of songs in its library at any time, assuming you have a data connection.

All music files you've downloaded from Apple Music are protected, which means you cannot play them on certain devices or share them on certain platforms. Once you cancel the subscription, you can no longer enjoy the music files you’ve added or downloaded to your library from Apple Music.

If you want to copy or move the downloaded Apple Music files to other device like USB, or upload to Google Play Music and so on, you need to record Apple Music at first and then play Apple Music freely as you like.

Macsome iTunes Converter is the right tool that you need, which is designed to help Windows or Mac users to record downloaded Apple Music files and purchased Audiobook and so on, and convert these Audio tracks or playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format with fast conversion speed and almost 100% output quality.

Steps to convert Apple Music and transfer to USB

To finish the conversion, you need to go to download the latest version of Macsome iTunes Converter, and run it on your Mac.

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Please make sure that you have downloaded Hello and other Apple Music files to your computer.

Step 1. Click "+" button to load you want to convert.

Add downloaded Apple Music songs

And you will find all the music files are in the Music library including Apple Music files and iTunes Match music files.

Step 2. Now you can set the output format and output folder by clicking the set icon. If necessary, you can also reset the related audio parameters.

Preferences output Settings

Now the output formats have MP3 and AAC two choices, you can just to choose a suitable one and set the other parameters according to your need.

Moreover, you can reset the conversion speed, the default one is 20X. If you want to get a high audio quality, you can choose a low conversion speed.

Step 3. Just click the "CONVERT" button to start the music converting.

Converting Apple Music songs to MP3

After the conversion, all the converted Apple Music songs are unprotected and copy them to your Windows with your USB or other ways. Now you can play these Apple Music songs on your Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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