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Simple iTunes Audio File Converter for Mac Users


With Macsome iTunes Converter, iTunes audio files cannot bother you any more, because Macsome iTunes Converter is a powerful, versatile and smart iTunes Audio File Converter designed exclusively for converting iTunes audio to MP3, AAC and WAV format.

Interface of iTunes audio file Converter

Main Functions of Macsome iTunes Converter

As a competent iTunes music Converter, Macsome iTunes Converter can do help you more than the mentioned above.

ID Tags Information Preserved

Macsome iTunes Converter preserves ID tags information of the converted audio files for you, enabling you to edit their ID tags at will after the conversion.

Customize Output Formats flexibly

With Macsome iTunes Converter, you can freely customize the MP3, AAC, or WAV output format according to the requirements of your audio players. Bitrate, Bitrate Types, Sample Rate and Channels, all can be adjusted as you wish.

Free iTunes audio files:

Macsome iTunes Converter excels at converting M4P to MP3, M4A to MP3, M4B to MP3, AA(audible) to MP3, Audiobook to MP3, and also convert audio files to AAC, WAV. Any iTunes supporting audio file can be well converted to MP3, AAC and WAV. So this iTunes Audio File Converter free all iTunes audio to your PSP, Zune HD, iRiver, Sony Walkman, Sansa, Cowon, Creative Zen, iPod, iPad, iPhone and mobile photos like Blackberry, Nokia, SamSung, Motorola, HTC and so on.

Fast Speed and CD Output Quality

Macsome iTunes Converter assures you high output quality, and the converting speed is quite fast.

Easy to use:

Macsome iTunes Converter focuses mainly on general public, so this application is quite easy to use. No matter you are a novice or a professional of this field, you can do a good job with this iTunes Audio Converter.

Convert iTunes Music to MP3

Macsome iTunes Converter is a multi-functional iTunes to MP3 Converter. All iTunes supporting audio formats, including M4P, M4A, M4B, AA(audible), Audiobooks and the like, can be well converted to MP3 which is more popular and compatible to most portable audio players. And Macsome iTunes Converter works well and smoothly on the premise that the audio file what you want to convert should be playable on iTunes before converting.

Convert iTunes Music to AAC

Macsome iTunes Converter supports converting iTunes music files to AAC, so it is also an iTunes AAC Converter, good at 20X recording and encoding to AAC and the like. When you convert iTunes audio files to AAC format, you can keep the primary ID tags.

Convert iTunes Music to WAV

With this practical and easy-to-use iTunes to WAV Converter, users can convert music files to WAV, WAV to MP3, and all iTunes audio file formats to WAV.

Though a WAV file will be significantly larger than a MP3 file, the old-version WAV has only one audio channel and WAV files are limited in size to 4 Gigabytes, WAV files are "lossless" files which means that the WAV file doesn't lose any of its quality when it is stored, whereas MP3 files are "lossy" files, has higher audio fidelity than MP3 files, and WAV files can be edited or they can be manipulated relatively easily. So converting to WAV format according to your need.

With Macsome iTunes Converter - really practical Audio WAV Converter, it is easy for you to decode iTunes to WAV format.

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