iTunes Converter for Mac V2.3.4 has been released


New updated version

These days, our Support center has received some Error feedback emails on Mac 10.10.5. To fix the error, Macsome Inc has released iTunes Music Converter for Mac new version 2.3.4.

With the newly released version 2.3.4, if you aren't Mac 10.10.5 users, there is no change for your program, only the version changes. If you are Mac 10.10.5 users and encounter with the Error problem, now the problem will be fixed after you update your iTunes Converter to the latest version 2.3.4.

Which one need iTunes Music Converter

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you want to cancel the music streaming service. But you want to keep some downloaded Apple Music files, you need to use iTunes Music Converter.

If you are Audiobook fan, you have purchased some Audiobook files from iBook or, you want to play these Audiobook on MP3 player, you need Macsome iTunes Music Converter.

If you want to burn Apple Music to CD, stream Apple Music to Spotify, upload Apple Music to Google Drive and so on, you need Macsome iTunes Converter.

With iTunes Converter, what can you do

Download iTunes Music Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

About the latest version V2.3.4

Cost: $39.95

Size: 32.8 MB

System supported: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

About Macsome Inc

Macsome Inc is a software development company which established in 2008 with expertise and experience in converting audio books and iTunes music, transferring iPod files and recording audio. It develops products such as Macsome Audio Book Converter, iTunes Music Converter, Audio Recorder and so on for personal computers and mobile devices. All of Macsome products have an easy-to-use interface.

Press Contact

Name: Leo Fan

Address: No. 62, Jiao Da Dong Lu, Haidian, Beijing, China




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