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Last year, we have collected the Top 5 online streaming music services of 2017. In the article, we will talk about the popular online streaming music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and Amazon Music unlimited, we will also introduce some new online streaming music services.

Obviously, Spotify and Apple Music still occupy the most of the market, so we only talk about Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services as usual.


Enjoy Spotify Music

Spotify was one of the first streaming services to crop up and it's arguably the most well-known. It's highly lauded for its Discover Weekly playlist, a custom-made two-hour long batch of recommended music that's curated to your specific taste (generated fresh each week) has garnered a great reputation amongst music fans. Thanks to its Facebook integration, it's also great for sharing music. The abilities to send a track/album, collaborate on playlists with friends or lurk what your Facebook friends are listening to are all built into the Spotify app.

You like Spotify

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Who will choose it

People who love to make, browse and share playlists for any scenario. Also, anyone who wants to stream unlimited music for free.

Apple Music

Enjoy Apple Music

Apple Music has an edge over the competition for one big reason: exclusive releases. It was the only place to stream Adele, Drake, Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean's newest albums upon release and it remains the only service that streams Taylor Swift's "1989" record. The service also offers a ton of playlists, many hand-crafted by musicians and tastemakers, however it lacks the robust sharing options built into Spotify.

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Who will choose it

Those who want to listen to albums and songs they've added to iTunes. Anyone who wants to listen to the newest, hottest music from the world's biggest musicians.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is the newest kid on the block. It looks to follow in Tidal and Apple Music's footsteps, signing an exclusive contract to release Garth Brooks's latest record. Brooks doesn't have the same hip factor as Drake or Beyonce, but neither does Amazon Music Unlimited. Rather than having a big focus on helping subscribers stay on the cutting-edge of music, the service features recommended playlists and radio stations that are grouped around artists you've already listened to.

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Who will choose it

Amazon Prime members who want to save a few bucks, and mix their existing music collection with a subscription content.

Google Play Music

Enjoy Google Play Music

Google Play Music works as a streaming music service and a music locker. It allows you to store and stream your entire music library (up to 50,000 songs), as well as stream any of the 30 million songs in its catalog. Instead of playlists, well-curated radio stations are the standout feature of Play Music. Unlike playlists, which are finite and contain specific tracks, radio stations play endlessly and are updated often. What makes these stations unique from other services is that you can view the entire track list and save it as a playlist.

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You don't like Google Play Music

It's not great for discovering new releases because it emphasizes stations and recommended music. The design of the mobile apps for Android and iOS is a bit messy and overwhelming.

Who will choose it

Google fans who want to blend the music they've purchased with streaming selections.


Enjoy Tidal Music

Launched by hip-hop mogul Jay Z, Tidal is the only streaming music service that offers high-fidelity streaming. Its superior sound quality is similar to what you would get on CDs and other physical media formats. Like Apple Music, Tidal has a leg up on other services with exclusives. The difference is that the exclusive content on Tidal is usually from one of its superstar co-owners. This year alone Tidal was the exclusive home to stream -- at no extra cost beyond the monthly subscription fee -- Beyonce's stunning visual album "Lemonade," Rihanna's highly anticipated new record and Kanye West's controversial "living album," "The Life of Pablo." As a fan of those artists, I've found myself resubscribing to Tidal, just to listen to the newest albums.

You like Tidal

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Who will choose it

Musically inclined purists who care deeply about sound quality and discovering new, up-and-coming artists.


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