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Travel songs on Apple Music

If you are a travel enthusiast, you would like to play some music songs on your trip. Here we will recommend some music songs which are suitable for playing on the road.

1.Closing Time - Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen probably didn't write "Closing Time" to give him a perfect song for late in the encore section of his show, but that's what it became. It's a euphoric song about the end of a wild party. "The fiddler fiddles something so sublime," he sings. "All the women tear their blouses off / And the men they dance on the polka-dots." As the song goes on, the scene seems a bit more dangerous. The cider is laced with acid, and there's a sensation in the air that "looks like freedom but feels like death." He'd often sing this after the three-hour mark of the show. People would be getting their coats on, preparing to leave, and then he'd do another three songs.

2.Destin - Celine Dion

"Destin" (meaning "Destiny") is a radio single by Celine Dion from her album D'eux. It was released in January 1996 in Canada. The track was written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

The song was a radio hit in Quebec. It entered the Quebec Airplay Chart on 20 January 1996 and peaked at number 3, staying thirty seven weeks on the chart.

3. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Like Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A.," "Born to Run" is darker than it may seem. Embedded in the scuffed poetry of the lyrics is a potent combination of rebellion, sex, disgust and determination—brought to life by the throaty passion of Springsteen’s voice, the liberating wail of Clarence Clemons's sax and the sheer propulsive force of the E Street Band’s backup. It's a love song, an urban-jungle cry and a perfect anthem of pedal-to-the-metal escape. — Adam Feldman

4. Little Red Corvette - Prince

It doesn't take a B.A. in poetry to figure this ditty's got nothing to do with cars. In the world of Prince, coupés are women, horsepower is a pack of Trojan condoms, and gas is stamina in the sheets. The beat takes its time, synthetic drums echoing into the distance, just as the Purple One implores his one-night stand to take it slow, to make it two, three or more nights. Dez Dickerson peels out in the guitar solo, but she's the one driving here. Perfect choice of car model—elusive, American, curvy, risky. It wouldn't work as a Ferrari or Rolls. — Brent DiCrescenzo

5. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

Been dumped recently? You need to go for a drive (preferably in a Jaguar XJ). You've made up your mind. You ain't wasting no more time. So tease your hair, don your pleather, and crank up the volume on this 1982 hit—just try not to get stuck in traffic. This power ballad works better on the open road (with no adjacent drivers to judge your Coverdale cover moves).— Kate Wertheimer

How to convert travel music songs from Apple Music store to MP3

You can also find more travel music songs from Apple Music store, and download them offline playing. But if you want to transfer these Apple Music songs to MP3 player or other audio player, you can’t or even you can transfer them, but you can’t play them as well.

In the following guide we will show you how to convert the travel music songs from Apple Music to the plain audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV formats.

To deal with Apple Music conversion well, we ask Macsome iTunes Converter for help, which supports Mac and Windows users an ideal solution to record Apple Music and convert Apple Music to the plain audio formats MP3, AAC and so on with lossless quality output.

First of all, go to free download and install Macsome iTunes Music Converter, which supports so excellent solution to convert all your iTunes playlist, both music and audiobook files.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 1, Open your iTunes Music Converter, click "+" button, and find the travel music playlist. And then select all the audio files and click "OK" button to add them.

Step 2, after you add these music files, now you can click the setting icon to set the output format and output folder.

Except MP3 format, you can also convert these music files to AAC, FLAC, WAV as you like.

Preferences output Settings

Step 3, After the above steps settings, you can click "CONVERT" button to start.

Converting purchased La La Land Album to MP3

After the conversion, you can open output folder to find the converted music files in the format of MP3, and then transfer them to your MP3 player quickly.


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