How to Choose a Suitable DJ Software for You


If you want to be a good DJ, it is important to choose a suitable DJ software to help you mix, edit and create a unique DJ music. If you have tried search DJ software via Google, a large amount number of DJ software pop up, how to choose and find one. You may find some useful tips by following the next contents.

When you starts mixing and producing your DJ music, you will find not easy as it looks. All beginnings are hard. If you have decided to do, just do it. Let’s turn to select the DJ software again.

A good tool is half of the success. You can't deny that DJ software is important.

Most DJ software support a free trial period, and after taking a try for a period, you may know the pros and cons of the DJ software and which point for you is important. In the following we will list the top factors for DJs to consider when choosing a DJ Software, and you will know how to compare with the different DJ software and find which one is the best choice to suit your needs.

How to Select DJ Software

Factors to Consider When selecting DJ Software

Factor 1. Costs

How much will you spend for the DJ software. Your budget is very important for you to choose. Even you can download the trial version to take a try before you want to buy. The price you also need to consider.

Besides the DJ Software, you also need a hardware DJ controller, you also have to think about it.

Factor 2. Functions

You can try to ask yourself.

What does your hard-earned money get you?

Do you want detailed RBG waveform readouts? Are the volume meters accurate?

What kind of effects does the DJ software come with?

How many tracks can be played at once? How's the library storage and organization of the music?

And other related you want. More is not always better. What is suitable for you is better.

Factor 3. Stability & Quality

Imagine that when you working with the DJ software, it crash, or it stops and you have to restart it. This is so irritating. You can find the reviews to weed out the ones with stability issues.

Is the manufacturer diligent about releasing bug fixes and updates on a regular basis?

Factor 4. Compatibility

After you download the DJ software, is it compatible with your hardware, or the one you want to upgrade. Does it require any components to run? Do you have to use the supplementary of the same company?

Does it have any special connections with other audio programs? Is it compatible with your Operating System? Can the program be used on its own without anything other than a mouse/trackpad and keyboard?

All the problems you need to think about before you make a choice.

Factor 5. Aesthetics & Layout

Do you want vertical or horizontal decks?

Do you want them to be connected next to or on top of each other or, would you rather they were separated?

Reviews of Top 5 DJ Software

After you compare and think with the above factors, you can find a suitable one for you. We also introduce the top 5 DJ software simply.

1. Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro offers superb remix and sample decks. Either you want a classic two-deck setup, either a more advanced 4 channel environment. On each desc, you will find color-coded waveforms that will help you identify the kicks, hi-hats, and snares of the track. Also, Traktor’s extremely accurate beat grid-ding not only will improve your mixing skills but also give character and color to your performance. It was never easier to manipulate, edit and cut a track into loops and samples.

2. Serato DJ

Serato scratch DJ is a winner for scratch and hip-hop artists with its impressive DVS (digital vinyl system) support. Same for electronic music DJs, it offers pro features and a very friendly with minimal design interface. You can accommodate both 2 and 4 deck mixing and still be able to view BPM, time elapsed and the remaining time of each track. The color-coded waveforms are great to monitor the path of the songs.

A quick reminder that if you buy a DJ controller is common to receive a full version of the software. As well, perfect compatibility for plug and play adjustment. There are numerous DJ controllers on the market for you to pick and for a very affordable price. You will also find interfaces, mixers, and accessories with perfect compatibility with Serato DJ.

3. Recordbox DJ

Rekordbox DJ works with a bunch of Pioneer DJ controllers and media players. It has all the features you will want to find, analyze, edit and mix your tracks, and all this with the credibility of Pioneer DJ. Recordbox offers a 30-day free trial, and four plus packs with DVS, Videos, RMX effects and Lyrics in case you want to explore more capabilities.

Recordbox DJ may not have the popularity of the above DJ controllers but has engaged a circle of famous and beginner DJs. The interface is simple, but at the same time not very user-friendly. I find it easier to navigate through the other major mixing softwares.

4. Mixxx

Mixxx is probably the least known software in the market. You can control tracks with actual turntables, as Mixxx gives you the opportunity to set it up with a vinyl control system (DVS). The dark "look" doesn’t excite anyone, but the premium features worth looking. If you know a bit of coding, you can also customize it by yourself.

5. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ has been around for ages and has recorded over 150 million downloads. From beginner DJs to bar and club owners that are looking for perfect and easy “auto-pilot” sets this is the answer.

A premium but a probably unnecessary feature is that you can add much more than four desks at the same time. In fact, you can add up to 99 tracks or vocals for mixing, scratching or sampling. You can set the BPM, and you will also find cross-fader and of course cue points. It lacks however on color-coded waveforms that help your mixing.


Whether you want to find a free DJ software or paid software, whether you like some one function, you can try to download them and take a full use of the DJ software with the trial version.

Whatever music types you want to mix and produce DJ music, you need to load the primary and the popular music. Apple Music and Spotify may be a new idea and solution. Only need some third-party tools like Apple Music Converter, you can load your Apple Music to the DJ software and mix the Apple Music or Spotify like the general music, this is a very cool thing. Yes, you can also get it.


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