The Useful Tips to Play Apple Music Tracks with Siri You Might Know


"Hey Siri" Almost every Apple Fans like Siri most. Meanwhile all of us use Siri to deal with most things, like "Call someone" "The weather", "Set your Alarm", "Play some Music" and so on. Today we will collect the most helpful and useful tips to play Apple Music Tracks with Siri, just look at the following.

Hey Siri

How to control Siri's Volume?

When your two hands are busy and you want to control the music volume, it is very helpful to use Siri. Following commands will change the volume by 10% increments:

If you forget to indicate whether it should be softer or louder, Siri will check back and ask you.

Here's another way to set the volume, this time to a specific percentage:

And, if you are brave, you can try:

How to control Siri's Playback?

You can resume and stop playback by:

But you can also start your personal station by saying:

To navigate within an album or playlist you can say:

Note, "previous" will play a song from the beginning, in case you are listening to a station.

To navigate within a song, you can try:

For shuffling and repeating we have the following commands:

Note, we cannot shuffle or repeat songs on radio stations!

How to navigate the Apple Music Database?

There are so many ways to navigate the 100 Million songs, that we need to structure this a bit.

How to play Music by Title/Album/Artist?

If you know what you want to hear, you can say:

Note, that some albums on Apple Music combine songs in creative ways:

Another note: Since Siri searches also for movies on Apple TV, make sure you add "music" or "song" to your voice command, in case she comes back with movie suggestions too frequently.

How to play Music by Genre?

The list of genres and sub-genres is huge. You can use the following:

The main genres are:

How to play Music by Activity and Mood?

Apple Music has a couple of not so obvious activities and moods, which you can use to specify what to play:

Here is a list of some moods I have tested, I've added the station they will trigger:

Here we go with some activities I have tested (musically =):

How to combine Moods, Activities and Genres in Music Commands?

Now comes the interesting part: You can combine moods, genres, and activities.

In case there is no dedicated station which fits your request, Siri will fall back to a station which fits to one of your keywords.

How to play New Music?

If you want to hear some fresh tracks from your favorite artist, you can say:

How to play Popular/Regional Music?

Interested in what is trending someplace, sometime, some genre?

Note, if you're outside of the US, Siri might come back with: "Sorry, but I don't know the historical musical charts for your country". Bummer. In this case, you can fall back to the playlists:

How to play something you rarely hear?

In case you feel like you're hearing always the same songs:

How to play Similar Music?

There's this one catchy song and you want to hear more like that?

Since Genius is not available everywhere, there's another great way to listen to similar music:

Apart of that, you could try:

How to play Favorites and like/dislike Songs?

We want to hear songs we like, so we need to let Siri know what we like and what we don't like:

And of course your personal station will play the music that you like:

How to control your Music Library and Playlists?

You can control what should go into our library by saying:

And you can control what you'd like to hear from there:

There's a massive library of (curated) playlists in Apple Music. We can access them this way:

Siri cannot create playlists, but of course, she can fill and play your playlists:

And, just in case you feel in the mood to tell her what should come next:

How to get Music Information?

Siri is a knowledgeable music lover. You can ask her many questions related to music:

Watching a movie and like the song? (Note, this won't work with AirPods, Apple Watch or Apple TV)

After that, just say:

And you will find the song in your music app. Make sure to like it or add it to your library/playlist!


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